Sepphoris (Zippori)

  P.1373 - §5 Friday of the week before, Joseph had come over from Sepphoris, where he was in charge of the work on a new public building, to be present on this glad occasion. Jesus' teacher confidently believed that his alert and diligent pupil was destined to some outstanding career, some distinguished mission. The elders, notwithstanding all their trouble with Jesus' nonconformist tendencies, were very proud of the lad and had already begun laying plans which would enable him to go to Jerusalem to continue his education in the renowned Hebrew academies.
entrance to the main street. The "Mona Lisa" mosaics were gone, probably being displayed in a museum somewhere else.
Joseph might have been hit by one of these falling.

Frivolous courtesans would have paraded about on the cardo (a north-south oriented, main street) of Sepphoris.



Nile mosaics






A U-shaped table as in the Last Supper.

"She directed that James, then ten years of age, should accompany her to Sepphoris" (p.1388)
The general shape of the public building which displayed these mosaics.
On the way to Nazareth.
"In January the flowers began to bloom, and by the end of April the whole land was one vast flower garden." (p.1367)
Modern road to Sepphoris.
"Aside from climbing the hill, Jesus' favorite stroll was to follow a narrow trail winding about the base of the hill in a northeasterly direction to a point where it joined the road to Sepphoris" (p.1350)