P.1363 - §5 Nazareth was one of the twenty-four priest centers of the Hebrew nation. But the Galilean priesthood was more liberal in the interpretation of the traditional laws than were the Judean scribes and rabbis. And at Nazareth they were also more liberal regarding the observance of the Sabbath. It was therefore the custom for Joseph to take Jesus out for walks on Sabbath afternoons, one of their favorite jaunts being to climb the high hill near their home, from which they could obtain a panoramic view of all Galilee. To the northwest, on clear days, they could see the long ridge of Mount Carmel running down to the sea; and many times Jesus heard his father relate the story of Elijah, one of the first of that long line of Hebrew prophets, who reproved Ahab and exposed the priests of Baal. To the north Mount Hermon raised its snowy peak in majestic splendor and monopolized the skyline, almost 3,000 feet of the upper slopes glistening white with perpetual snow. Far to the east they could discern the Jordan valley and far beyond lay the rocky hills of Moab. Also to the south and the east, when the sun shone upon their marble walls, they could see the Greco-Roman cities of the Decapolis, with their amphitheaters and pretentious temples. And when they lingered toward the going down of the sun, to the west they could make out the sailing vessels on the distant Mediterranean.

on the way from Akko to Nazareth
entering Nazareth
Mount of Precipice. According to the local tradition, this is the mount where ruffians tried to push Jesus over the cliff. It is not a right-angled cliff, but it is precipitous enough for anybody falling to suffer from a serious injury or death.
According to an implausible tradition, Gabriel appeared to Mary near a well, where this Greek Orthodox church was built.

According to the tradition, this church was built on the site of the home of Mary and Joseph.

paintings in the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

"That he will feed the flock like a true shepherd, gathering the lambs in his arms and tenderly carrying them in his bosom." (p.2034)

A flock in Nazareth.

windy pasture.
Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth.