The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Alte Pinakothek, Munich

   P.1347 - §1 Upon her return, Mary went to visit her parents, Joachim and Hannah. Her two brothers and two sisters, as well as her parents, were always very skeptical about the divine mission of Jesus, though, of course, at this time they knew nothing of the Gabriel visitation. But Mary did confide to her sister Salome that she thought her son was destined to become a great teacher.
   Joachim and Anna (Mary's Father and Mother)
   Mary's Wedding
   Maria goes to the Temple
   Presentation for Purification
   Adoration of Priests/Kings
Adoration of the Magi
   Massacre of the Innocents
   Flight to Egypt
   Holy Family
   John the Baptist
   Mother and Child + Others
   Mother and Child
   Massacre of the Innocents in Bethlehem
   Wedding at Cana
   Simon the Pharisee
   Samaritan Woman
   Jesus' Sermon (in a boat)
   Martha and Mary
The topic of this painting is about an imaginary dispute between Martha and Mary.
   Last Supper
   Jesus on Mount Olivet
  Arrest of Jesus
   Ecce Homo
   Carrying of the Cross
   Sleeping Watchers
 Alte Pinacothek, Munich
   Destruction of Jerusalem
   Saints and Martyrs
   Constantine the Great and his mother Helena