The Life of Jesus, AD 21 - 30, in Paintings at Louvre Museum

  P.1528 - §4 By noon on Wednesday almost a thousand guests had arrived in Cana, more than four times the number bidden to the wedding feast. It was a Jewish custom to celebrate weddings on Wednesday, and the invitations had been sent abroad for the wedding one month previously. In the forenoon and early afternoon it appeared more like a public reception for Jesus than a wedding. Everybody wanted to greet this near-famous Galilean, and he was most cordial to all, young and old, Jew and gentile. And everybody rejoiced when Jesus consented to lead the preliminary wedding procession. 
   Wedding at Cana
   John the Baptist
  Baptism of Christ
   Miraculous Draught of Fish



  Walking on Water
  Good Samaritan
  Healing of a Paralytic at Bethesda
   Resurrection of Lazarus
   Temple Cleansing
  Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's
   Last Supper
  Peter's Denial
   Pontius Pilate
   Calvary Mountain/Golgotha
  Carrying of the Cross
  Erection of the Cross
   Descent from the Cross
  Shrouding of Christ
   Doubting Thomas
   Mary Magdalene
   Apostle Paul
  Saints and Martyrs
   Guardian Angel
   Adam and Eve
   Old Testament