The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Legion of Honor, San Francisco

   P.1795 - §2 "I have already told you that I am going away, and that you will seek me and not find me, for where I am going you cannot come. You who would reject this light are from beneath; I am from above. You who prefer to sit in darkness are of this world; I am not of this world, and I live in the eternal light of the Father of lights. You all have had abundant opportunity to learn who I am, but you shall have still other evidence confirming the identity of the Son of Man. I am the light of life, and every one who deliberately and with understanding rejects this saving light shall die in his sins. Much I have to tell you, but you are unable to receive my words. However, he who sent me is true and faithful; my Father loves even his erring children. And all that my Father has spoken I also proclaim to the world.
  Eternal Light
   Adoration of the Magi
   Adoration of the Shepherds
   The Wise Men before Herod
   Flight into Egypt
   Mother and Child
   Mother and Child + Others
   Holy Family
   John the Baptist
   The Holy Family
   Jesus in the Temple
   Render to Caesar the Things that Are Caesar's
   Jesus Carrying the Cross
   Joseph of Arimathea
   Mary Magdalene
   Martyrs and Saints
   The Last Judgment

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