Jerusalem Today

   P.1362 - §3 For three years--until he was ten--he attended the elementary school of the Nazareth synagogue. For these three years he studied the rudiments of the Book of the Law as it was recorded in the Hebrew tongue. For the following three years he studied in the advanced school and committed to memory, by the method of repeating aloud, the deeper teachings of the sacred law. He graduated from this school of the synagogue during his thirteenth year and was turned over to his parents by the synagogue rulers as an educated "son of the commandment"--henceforth a responsible citizen of the commonwealth of Israel, all of which entailed his attendance at the Passovers in Jerusalem; accordingly, he attended his first Passover that year in company with his father and mother.
  market in the old city of Jerusalem (South).
Damascus Gate (North). Garden Tomb is a five-minute walk from here.
 Western Wall
 South entrance
  bar mitzvah (son of the commandment)
Church of the Holy Sepulchur
 The Garden Tomb
David's tower
station 5