How to Follow Jesus by Car


First, rent a car in the city where you stay (from Avis, Eldan, Herz, etc.) Rental rate is about USD 30 per day. Petroleum is expensive (about USD 100 for a full tank). 2-4 days are enough to visit most of the places Jesus frequented.

Second, while waiting for a traffic signal, communicate with other drivers for directions if you get lost. They are extremely helpful. U-turns are OK in most places.


The Mount of Precipice is in Nazareth. Ruffians tried to push Jesus over the cliff here, according to the tradition.

Joseph, Jesus' father, died in an accident while working on the public building project in Sepphoris.
sea of Galilee, Tiberias
Capernaum synagogue
Peter's house in Capernaum
Mary Magdalene's house in Magdala
Jordan River in Bethesda-(Julias)
Mount of Beatitudes (where the 12 apostles were ordained) is to the north of Capernaum.
Joppa (Jaffa or Tel Aviv)
on the way to Jerusalem
harbor of Caesarea
Holy Sepulchre Church. Emperor Constantine's mother Helena visited Jerusalem in search of any traces or relics of Jesus. The bishop of Jerusalem showed her a rock-hewn tomb. She also found a wooden cross (not a T cross as in the UB). Without any archeological research, she decided that this was Jesus' tomb. Constantine then built a church on this site. Since rock hewn tombs were widesly used during the time of Jesus, this site is not likely to be the right place, especially because the Sepulchure church purportedly includes within its territory both the site of crucifixion and the tomb.
The Garden Tomb shows a realistic rock-hewn tomb, a three minute walk from the Damascus gate. This location is more consistent with the description in the UB.
Qumran. See the remains of the buildings that Essenes once used.
Masada. See the remains of the Roman camp.