Capernaum synagogue

  P.1420 - §6 At the Capernaum synagogue he found many new books in the library chests, and he spent at least five evenings a week at intense study. One evening he devoted to social life with the older folks, and one evening he spent with the young people. There was something gracious and inspiring about the personality of Jesus which invariably attracted young people. He always made them feel at ease in his presence. Perhaps his great secret in getting along with them consisted in the twofold fact that he was always interested in what they were doing, while he seldom offered them advice unless they asked for it.
ruins of black basalt buildings near the white limestone synagogue of Capernaum.
white limestone synagogue dating from the 4th/5th century AD. Recent excavations show another black basalt synagogue built during the first half of the first century, but only the foundation walls and other fragments remain below the white synagogue. (David Blinder)
The inscription says "Alpheus the son of Zebidah, the son of John, made this colum. May it be for him a blessing."